October 30, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 and language C# on the .NET platform is often used for software development. The .NET absorbed all advantages that were available in the market of software development. The .Net platform uses the opportunities of XML and Web in full. It can be called one of the best platforms for development, especially when web-services are concerned.

The sight into web development is completely revised in .NET programming, powerful and suitable in use is given to our attention technology of ASP.NET, that noticeably avoids developments of rivals. To write code on ASP.NET is simpler , much quicker, and decision is got excellent on productivity.

C# is an object oriented language of programming for the .NET platform. It was developed by a group of developers under the aegis of Microsoft Research (SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE at the Microsoft company).

The language has severe static typification, polymorphism supports, overload of operators, function- delegates, events, properties, exceptions, comments in the format XML and an automatic garbage collector.

Programming on C# language consists of one or several files. Each file can contain one or several name spaces. Each name space can contain an embedded name of spaces and types, such as classes, structures, interfaces, transfers and delegates – functional types. One of 10 possible types of projects, including Windows Application, Class Library, Web Control Library, can be chosen for creating a new project on C # in the environment Visual Studio.

ASP.NET Syntax of C# is close to C++ and Java. A complex programming technique is used for C#. Using C ++ programmers had a chance to declare classes in the header file and to realize classes in a separate file. Header files, idl-files (Interface Definition Language – language of interfaces description) and complex interfaces are not necessary.

As software is self-sufficient, it is possible to use it without work in different applications. In C # all classes have a uniform basic class. If a class is not derived from other classes, it automatically inherits the properties and members of the System.Object.

Types of work with DB at the level of the .NET application – this is:

  • work with sets of announcements classes of classes, that contain announcements of inherited methods and properties, reserved for solving the problem of information extracting from the data base;
  • work with a set of objects- representative classes of classes, that provide jobs data base management systems;
  • work with a set of values and properties of concrete objects, reflecting specific structure of the concrete data base.

Certainly, at writing a program, interacting data base management systems, a programmer can do all himself. Truth, in power complexity of a task (it will be necessary to turn many of any parts), time can need on development of such application enough many. Activity programmer – developer of appendices for work with bases data in base of own with nothing are not distinguished from that, what was more early.

And it is therefore desirable:

  • to understand the organization principles and interactions classes of classes, that provide jobs data base management system;
  • to present the structure, purpose and principles of work of appropriate objects;
  • to know, for what and how to use different details at the organization of interaction data base management systems;
  • to be able to create components of Ado.NET with set to configuration with use of auxiliary mean of (wizards), given in the contexts Visual Studio.NET.

With the help of Visual Studio 2005 it’s possible:

  • to create a business-appendix on the languages Visual Basic, C #, C ++ and J #;
  • to develop Windows in the uniform development environment and web-appendix,
  • to develop programs for mobile devices;
  • to create client-server appendices, including on the technology of web-services, and for operating with data.


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