October 24, 2008

I think there is no need saying how important the team work for the QA department is. The thing is that the team members that are assigned to a certain project do not always posses all the required skills to work efficiently together. What I’m trying to say is that i.e. two senior QA engineers, one medium and one junior can be way more efficient than four senior QA Engineers. How can it be so?

The answer lies in the team members’ personality qualities and characteristics. If a manager knows those characteristics of hisher employees then heshe knows who should be assigned to which project to reach the maximum efficiency possible.

Let me show you an example of how it may be realized.

QA team

  • Team Leader – Senior QA Engineer who has strong management skills (project life cycle monitoring, critical management, client interaction, etc), tutoring skills (able to explain the ‘wh’ questions – who, what, where, what for, etc.). An approximate 50/50 combination of extra- and introvert, so that he/she is able to cover large info volumes without losing any small details on the way.
  • Team member 1 – Medium QA Engineer with good technical skills to perform all kinds of non-functional testing (if needed), explain the system behavior peculiarities in a understandable manner (i.e. by switching complicated programming terminology to the simple ‘human’ language), assisting the team leader in NFR testing planning. Here it’s better to look for a 75-80% introvert person as we need extra attention to details and a lot of patience.
  • Team member 2 and 3 – Junior and Medium QA Engineers with good knowledge of manual testing for performing FR testing, writing all kinds of testing documentation (TC, TCS, checklists, etc.). Mostly extravert people will suit here better for covering large parts of the project scope in a shorter period of time. If the project is a complicated one then one extravert is replaced with a major introvert for a comprehensive detailed testing (so that ‘none’ gets missed).

To sum it all up I’d like to say that if the work needs to be done fast and with good quality then there is a great need in team planning before assigning team and giving roles to its members.


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