September 9, 2010


Today – on September 9 – testers from all over the world are celebrating their professional holiday – Tester’s day! We’d like to congratulate all people who test applications, who fight with various bugs and errors and wish them all the best!

This holiday has its own legend. According to it, on September 9, 1945 when the scientists who were testing the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator, they found a real small moth between the contacts of the electromechanical relay and one of them pronounced the word ‘bug’.

The scientists had to make a report on the work done where the term ‘debugging’ appeared for the first time. Now debugging is the process of finding and eliminating bugs which lead to incorrect performance of the system and failures.

Software testing is not an easy job. The tester should be able to think as a user, on one side, and, on the other hand, analyze the system’s behavior, input parameters and obtained results as an engineer who takes part in software development.

Happy day, testers!


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