November 15, 2011

Fabien Potencier and SensioLabs have started a new initiative to foster further development of Symfony community and recognize every single contribution, made by Symfony devotees either it’s a new piece of code or just an active support of Symfony development values in the online community.

The Symfony project has such a success with IT development companies and professional web developers not only due to the intellectual investment of experts in Symfony development, who write new Symfony plugins.

It’s also the efforts of those, who promote Symfony development knowledge exchange and best practices. They also make web application development with this framework as smooth and convenient as it is now.

That’s why the founders of the Symfony project have decided to acknowledge the Symfony volunteers and aficionados in a game fashion. Fabien Potencier and SensioLabs have introduced a new profile-based network of the community members, enhanced with badge-award system. Now the community members can be awarded with different badges for their contributions to the development of the Symfony framework.

But Symfony project acknowledgements are not limited to badge exchange, SensioLabs also announced its Symfony Community Awards in the following nominations:

  • Best blogger.
  • Best support on mailing-lists.
  • Best support on the forum.
  • Best support on IRC.
  • Best evangelist (awarded for the best networking effort).
  • Best contributor (awarded for coding efforts and debugging).
  • Personality of the year.

The results will be made public at the beginning of 2012 and will be based on the votes of the community members, who evaluate the contributions of their counterparts.


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