November 4, 2011

Further improvements from Symfony developers have seen the world. On November 2, 2011 Symfony contributors introduced another set of workarounds and programming solutions for Symfony framework in its 2.0.5 version.

Symfony is one of the preferred PHP development tools, no wonder that with such a think tank, supporting this technology, the framework is constantly being refined and with every new release it offers hands-on solutions to the most common web application development issues and makes Symfony development easier.

This time programmers’ community made the following Symfony patches:

  • Doctrine (DoctrineBundle unit test, a catch for Doctrine Bridge, Doctrine UniqueValidator to support associations).
  • Added Doctrine and Twig dependencies to Composer.
  • Fixes to HttpKernel (patches to profile saving and profile parent/children processes).
  • Routing enhancements (PHP matcher dumper, deleted unnecessary variable).
  • HttpFoundation improvements (query call, PHP 5.4 regression).

This is just a very brief example on what work has been done by Symfony developers to make their daily Symfony development tasks easier and faster. To see the full list of changelogs, compare the new Symfony release to the previous one, leave your comments or share your Symfony development ideas, go to official Symfony development framework website.


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