June 11, 2009

#11 Software development for mobile devices

In the late 1990’s, Web development became mainstream in programming and obtained universal recognition, standing apart traditional desktop applications in many areas. In the year 2008 year the development of mobile applications has left the launching pad. The development of this type of programming will become extremely important over the next 5 years.

Of course, there are many approaches to develop software for mobile devices: web applications, RIA, and also the applications that can run on the device itself. It doesn’t matter which of these directions you choose. What is really important is that adding skills of development for mobile devices in your resume you can be definitely sure that your experience will be great demand in the labor market in the future.

#12 Newsletter subscriptions and self-education

Nowadays it’s not enough to get the diploma of any profession in IT. Some years without experience and self-education and you will become a retrograde. Of course it’s a sad tendency, sword of Damocles for all the programmers, but fortunately it’s not so difficult to change the situation. Reading news and studying articles about new technologies and the last tendencies in software development will allow you to be always sitting pretty.

To be continued…


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