August 8, 2014


Happy Friday!

In this week’s roundup you will have to eventually download Facebook Messenger app, discover more apps in Glassware, new acquisitions and quad-copters.

Welcome to Ninth Weekly Roundup – full of exciting news in the world of IT from Oxagile.

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  • Facebook will stop allowing messaging in its main iPhone and Android apps, and force all their users around the world to download its standalone Messenger app. However, the heavy-handed move could repulse people who are already weary of Facebook. With plenty of other messaging apps as well as SMS available, they have plenty of places to taking their mobile chatting.
  • The number of approved applications for augmented reality glasses Google Glass has reached 73, showing a 50% increase in six weeks.
  • Since Youtube unit has acquired Directr, a mobile-video app used by small businesses to create marketing videos, all versions of its app are now free. Directr offers a mobile app for Apple’s iOS platform that makes it easy to shoot, edit and upload short videos to the Internet.
  • Andy Hilliard, President at Accelerance – a Global Partner Network of Software Service Providers, answers some interesting question regarding “common uncertainties companies have when outsourcing Software Development” in his recent article on LinkedIn.
  • Camera-equipped drone quad-copters are now being used to film almost everything, so we tried to make one for ourselves. That’s actually our development facilities back in Minsk. Besides, we found at least three similar features between growing in popularity quads and our software development company.

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