June 6, 2014


Happy Friday!

In this week’s roundup Apple gathered its most faithful for its annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Dropbox acquired another startup, Rovio received first funding and more.

Welcome to Fifth Weekly Roundup from Oxagile.

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  • Apple dropped a surprise at WWDC on Monday, as it announced that it’s built a new programming language for iOS and OS X called Swift. Rumors were flying about all sorts of hardware that might be announced at WWDC, but this was a software-focused show. Here is a list of 22 most important things announced that day. However, according to Chris Lattner, director of Apple’s Developer Tools Department, the Swift programming language has only been in development since July 2010.
  • Dropbox continues to show interest in the companies developing tools for work-related communications. For example, earlier this year, it acquired Zulip, a pre-launch, stealth company developing a workplace chat solution. Now it acquires stealth messaging startup called Droptalk. Like Zulip, Droptalk allows employees to communicate outside of email, and tapped into users’ online storage.
  • In late April at California’s Chapman University was released the most delayed software in history – the “Project Xanadu”. “Xanadu” lets users build documents that seamlessly embed the sources which they are linking back to, creating, “an entire form of literature where links do not break as versions change”.
  • A week ahead of the launch of what the European Investment Bank (EIB) dubs a “new generation of joint financial instruments providing support to innovative companies”, the EU’s bank has provided entertainment company Rovio with 25 million euros in financing to boost development of its mobile gaming platform and other entertainment services.

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