March 22, 2008

As we all know, a programmer is a person who writes programs. But have you ever thought how he makes these programs?!

Just try to imagine – everything you see with the help of a computer – is the programmer’s business!

However it is not easy work. Long time ago (somewhere in the 20th century) programming appeared.

The code, whose length was up to a kilometer, was written by the smartest people, later called “programmers” and later “developers”.

And nowadays all programs that we see we call software, and a programmer, who writes software programs is a developer.

As a rule, software development represents a bit chaotical activity, which we can characterize as “code and fix”. When the project is not big – it’s ok, but what if the project is growing up from day to day?! As a result –we spend too much time on testing and fixing bugs.

But, as you should know – you always have an alternative methodology to choose from!

A methodology turns the development of a new product into an ordered process with the help of which the work of a developer can be more predicted and efficient.

In last years as opposed to hard methodologies a group of new ones has appeared. They earlier were called “lightweight”. Today they are called “Agile methodologies”.

So, what does the term “Agile methodologies” mean?

The Agile methodology promotes reviewing, contribution and process applicability throughout the life-cycle of the project.

The Agile methodologies help to minimize the risk and allow the project to be adapted to changes more quickly.


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