April 16, 2008

There are a lot of words said about web development and functional programming methodologies. Usually they are oriented to development mostly and do not deal very much with testing. So should testing have a separate methodology?

It is not a secret that quality software is one of the most important requirements for a customer. It often doesn’t matter the timeframe or even the budget of the project, but whether the end users will be pleased with the product developed. So the importance of testing is great and on some projects good testing is even more valuable than good development.

Anyway this doesn’t mean that testing should have a separate methodology. As testing is a very agile and flexible process, which closely connected with web application development, there should be the same methodology for testing as for development.

Testing is flexible enough to choose the best process to achieve the result easily and quickly. It can be various, depending on the development methodology, project team specification and customer’s goals.

If you think of a separate testing methodology – just take all the best practices together and work out your own testing methodology!


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