May 25, 2009

#9. Flexible methodology (рlease, read the beginning of the list in the previous posts)

When Agile appeared in mainstream development, many IT-companies and certain specialists were rather skeptical. We think that such sentiments showed intention to protect the traditional approach. It was “fear of the unknown” discarding all the tools, which could lead to anarchy in software development.

By that time the ideas of Agile methodologies have become defined much better. Today they expressed rather clear in numerous books, articles and (it is the most important thing) in practical experience of many companies and well-known specialists. So IT-world could learn a new methodology at first hand.

Many teams nowadays use and experiment with Agile. Of course, Agile is not a panacea that can save the project from failure, but flexible methodologies actually were used in many successful software projects.

Agile developers who understand and work effectively with flexible development tools will be in great demand on the labor market. And you can be sure that their popularity will only grow over the next 5 years.

To be continued…


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