March 13, 2013

Java Exploits Patched

Millions of users all over the world are patiently waiting for Java and Flash to leave the stage.

Blamed for a number of issues, the security breach being the main one, the technologies are viewed as the necessary evil, which has to be put up with until anything better arrives.

The latest reason for users’ indignation was discoveries of significant browser-based Java exploits.

That definitely wasn’t the first time users were warned to disable Java, but this time a new level of security concern has been achieved at a surprisingly rapid pace.

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which makes up part of US Homeland Security Department, broke in with a warning to disable Java. Mozilla and Apple were quick to react and blacklist the technology.

Bad reputation, though, turned out to be the most powerful driving force for Java application development community. The patch curing the mentioned exploits in the Java Security Manager arrived shortly.

Besides, Oracle went one step further to eliminate such incidents in future by running the default settings on the high level and asking permission before launching any applet without an official signature. Nevertheless, unsatisfied users need 100 % secure solutions, which will control everything, and wait for HTML5 to arrive to dive into HTML5 app development art.

HTML5 is the most promising successor, though it does not evolve fast enough to elbow the mentioned technologies in the near future. Besides, any software has exploits, which tend to come up as the technology scale increases. No doubt, HTML5 will have its own set of exploits, which will show up when the technology already reigns the market and there is no way out except for putting up with them.

However, while users keep boiling over imperfections of the delivered Java solutions, Java software developers continue their custom software development path upon the request of clients most of whom represent the corporate segment of the market.

There are always some people, who are over-preoccupied with security issues. The best way out for them is to get rid of their browser (any), the current OS (any) and the remaining useless hardware and to switch to the web plugging the network cable directly into the brain. There will be just one issue left: their brain must be secure enough and not contain any threatening exploits.


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