November 28, 2010

Intel has announced the release of the new versions of its software development packages Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 and Intel Cluster Studio 2011 for the platforms Linux and Windows. These new products contain the best compilers for C/C++ and Fortran, the libraries for increasing the productivity and the application parallelization, the analysers of code consistency and profilers.

In addition to the functions of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011, the Intel Cluster Studio package includes additional options for programming the distributed memory using the MPI technologies.

The emergence of the Linux versions became a very important event in the development of the Intel Parallel Studio 2011 package – now software developers can check the memory and the standard parallel programming models even in Linux. The utility Intel Inspector XE 2011 has replaced the former utility Intel Thread Checker which is responsible for checking the memory.

The new function of Ideal Interconnect Simulator in the utility Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector helps model the application behavior in the ideal communication environment. What concerns the support of the Fortran programming language, which is very popular in the projects with intensive calculations, Intel provided a special interface for the Microsoft Visual Studio environment (you don’t have to purchase an additional license for Visual Studio) and the utilities Intel Composer XE and Intel Amplifier XE work directly via this interface.


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