February 19, 2008

Most IT projects fail because of bad planning and bad requirements. The good advice is to follow the 20/80 theory: Increase your planning process by 20 percent, and your productivity will increase by 80 percent.

Collect up your good-practice library of methods that have worked in previous IT projects. Also use requirements management tools and project management tools for web development projects.

To create good quality software, it’s necessary to follow the Project Life Cycle:

1. Scope

At this phase develop a Business Case. The IT project manager selects the team members based on their skills and experience.

2. Process modeling/Planning

At this phase create a Project Plan (the project plan is an approved document used to guide both the project execution and the project control), prototype. Perform customer interviews to ascertain the business and usability objectives for the IT project.

3. Execution

During the execution phase, the planned solution is implemented to solve the problem specified in the IT project’s requirements. At product and system development, a design resulting in a specific set of product requirements is created. Prototypes, testing, and reviews are involved in this process. At the execution phase planning for the final testing, production, and support become very important.

4. Closure

At this stage, the IT project manager must ensure that the IT project is brought to its proper completion.


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