August 8, 2007

Hurray for IPTV in Belarus! Finally we are getting IPTV! Beltelecom (the telecommunication government owned monopoly) has launched WebTV service in Minsk!

Of course, everybody knows that IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is an approach which allows broadcasting television channels over IP networks. What does it mean for the viewers?

First of all, Internet TV viewers have full control over functionality such as rewind, fast-forward, pause, and so on. We can record, play back and rewind our favorite programs for viewing them when we want!

Besides, using a cell phone or PDA, we might even utilize remote programming for IPTV! We can just call home and remotely set the IPTV box to record our favorite film!

In short, we are getting much more than just television!

In general, online video streaming is growing rapidly in the international market and it has high potential for development. In the future, the IPTV market will become a leader alongside other types of digital television because viewers are demanding for interactive services and personalized content!

It’s great that we’ve joined the IPTV world however Belarus faces other problems: high initial expenditures which include both technical expenditures and expenditures, associated with a need to purchase legal content. To reimburse the expenditures, IPTV services should be used by thousands of subscribers… Moreover subscribers should also bear high expenses to start using IPTV services…

Different considerations play a role in determining the success or failure of IPTV services however let’s hope for the best! We’ve done it – we’ve already stepped in our IPTV future!


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