April 30, 2010

We all have already heard about iAd, this new Apple’s project. The company positions itself as a seller of expensive advertising services targeted at audience of solvent Internet users. Indeed, when iPhone appeared in the U.S., the statistics showed that family income of the most iPhone owners amounted at least to $100,000 a year.

Of course, now this gadget has become much more available, but only people with above the average incomes are ready to pay for new iPhone applications and accessories regularly. So, the audience of advertising services from Apple is quite solvent.

The business model of iAd has not clear yet. In particular, the basis of payments wasn’t defined (the number of showings, clicks or users’ actions).

The whole advertising system will be centralized. All its content will be stored on company servers, and Apple sales managers will control the whole process. However, all the iPhone apps developers and advertising agencies will be able to create advertising for the iAd system. It was already announced that iPhone developers can integrate advertising system into their applications in just a couple of hours.


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