August 28, 2011

Honeywell Company announced the release of the Honeywell Developer Program oriented on mobile software developers who design mobile applications for Android-based devices. The aim of this program is to provide independent software developers and end-users with an opportunity to contribute to the creation of Honeywell mobile computers that will function under Android OS. The participants of the program can develop and test Android applications for new Honeywell mobile computers before their official release.

The results of the recent research in the smartphone market, conducted by the company Honeywell, show that the leaders of various software development companies where mobile devices are used in their work, include Android OS in their general technological strategy. Mainly that’s because Android OS has wide options for customizing and thanks to its huge success in the smartphone market it is popular with mobile users.

The participants of the Honeywell program get the access to the online store selling software for Honeywell devices ( and take part in joint marketing and advertising campaigns of Honeywell. Moreover, their apps will be demonstrated with other Honeywell products at the next conferences.

At the same time, due to the flexibility of Android OS, the participants of the program will be able to ensure maximum productivity and convenience in use for Honeywell mobile devices. Among the independent software providers and end users registered in the program there are Aldata, ALK Technologies, Apacheta Corporation, Astea, ClickSoftware, Cornell Mayo, Countermind, Mobile Tornado, RetailPro and Vodafone.


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