February 8, 2009

Sometimes it is necessary to write a sequence of operations with the program for describing a bug. It helps software developers to increase the quality level as they spend much less time to understand a bug, and one clip can substitute a page of text. For such cases there is a program CamStudio.

Its installation is simple and should not call any questions. The main program features: Region – it is possible to select an area which will be captured in a video clip.

Accessible values – region, fixed region, full screen. If select the option ‘Region’ the size of the recorded area will be necessary to set each time anew. ‘Fixed region’ – the fixed size of the area, before the recording begins it is necessary to specify only where it will be located on the screen. ‘Full screen’ means a full-screen mode.

Option -> Enabled Autopan. If you set this mode, the capture area will follow the cursor. At the same time it will be possible to expose the speed of frame moving.

Tools -> Screen Annotations. In this case it is possible to add various notes on the screen in the form of nice images. The image with the text can be placed in the necessary part of the screen and can be recorded.

And finally, in the menu Options -> Keyboard shortcuts – It’s possible to customize “hot” keys for various operations with the program.


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