August 18, 2009

What is Flex programming?

Adobe Flex 2 is a very special solution that enables development of RIAs based on Flash related technologies. Interface description and other features are based on XML – MXML dialect. Client logic description was done using ActionScript3 (hereinafter AS3). Adobe Flex translates usual AS code which is transmitted to mxmlc compiler for swf generation (as a result of MXML compilation).

Flex consists of several products:

Adobe Flex Builder – IDE based on eclipse. It allows quick development AS3 and MXML. It has a powerful visual design interface. Syntax highlighting and useful hints, built-in Debbuger, help and other features inspire flex developers. 🙂

Adobe Flex framework and SDK was based on the framework components. It contains a huge number of expandable components to develop interfaces of any complexity. It’s free (as a unit of Flex Builder).

Adobe Flex Charting – it’s a library that allows you to create all sorts of interactive charts and graphs (paid application).

Adobe Flex Data Services – it’s a set of server-side component that responsible for fast and convenient exchange of data between Flex and JAVA applications.

The cornerstone of all these applications for flex development is Flash Player (you need the 9th edition for correct work with Flex applications). The main advantage of this player is that its work does not depend on the platform or browser!


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