September 17, 2011


Recently the Internet has been buzzing on the news that Google is going to present the new programming language Dart in October. Google is developing Dart as an alternative to Javascript.

In general, software developers agree that Javascript programming language has a number of ‘fundamental’ drawbacks which can’t be corrected by means of evolutionary development.

There are two solutions to the problem. The first one is to correct, if possible, the drawbacks of Javacript (Harmony project). The second variant is creating the new programming language Dart which will keep the dynamic nature of Javascript but will ensure better productivity and will be suitable for applying in big projects. At that, Google will provide the language openness and will contribute to its support by other browsers. Moreover, IT development companies will get a cross-compiler so as the Dart code can be transformed to Javascript for browsers which don’t support Dart natively.

Dart is developed with due account for three main goals: productivity, convenience, and code editors and additional tools support. Dart will also have to provide maximum security where this task isn’t in conflict with the three main goals.

The author of the new programming language is the famous programmer Lars Bak and his software development team. The additional sets of tools are being developed by Bruce Johnson’s team in Atlanta and the support of the Web Inspector level for Dart and Harmony is carried out by Pavel Feldman and his developers from the Google office in St. Petersburg.


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