October 18, 2010

The first official guide on the new programming language С++ appeared 25 years ago. On October 14, 1985 Bjarne Stroustrup introduced a new programming language of a high level that allowed writing programs for various computers using practically unchangeable programming code that was closer to the people’s language rather than to the machine codes.

Recently С++ has become the most widely used programming language that supports object oriented programming. Stroustrup became the pioneer in the sphere of using object oriented techniques in software development where effectiveness is the priority quality in such things as simulators, graphics, user interfaces, application system, and systems for scientific calculations.

Stroustrup’s book ‘C++ programming language’ is one of the bestsellers in this sphere. It was translated into 19 languages. The next book ‘Design and evolution of C++’ opened much new in programming language description: new ideas, ideals, problems. In addition to his five books, Stroustrup published more than a hundred academic and other popular articles.

Bjarne Stroustrup took an active part in creating the ANSI/ISO standard for C++ and now continuous the work on supporting and reviewing the standard.


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