June 19, 2009

If you want to have your IT project done perfectly and in the shortest terms, you have to think twice before taking a final decision on the company who will develop software for you. Not a company, but, in fact, a partner who will not let you down and will guard your reputation in the business world.

There are no special rules or certain algorithms of how to choose the best partner. Just try to comply with the following steps and you are likely to be successful.

  • Make a list of companies providing services of software development. Find as many potential suppliers as possible.
  • Specify a number of criteria for selecting the best variants. Such criteria can be various. It depends on what you consider the most important issues while choosing a partner: professional background of IT specialists, company’s financial health, correspondence with your quality processes and applied methods, cost of the project, or previous successful and failed projects. Note: you should take into account not only the employees’ knowledge in modern information technologies but also their knowledge in the certain domain that you are interested in (medicine, banking, accounting, etc.)
  • Choose 2-3 companies from the list that suit your criteria.
  • Carry out a detailed analysis of these companies. If possible, visit their headquarters, talk to the employees and managers, get feedbacks from their customers, etc. It isn’t necessary to choose one at this stage.
  • Negotiate the terms of the contract: legal and financial issues, confidentiality, proprietary rights, liabilities, termination, penalties.
  • Order a pilot project with the chosen companies.
  • And, finally, make a final decision on your future partner for the software development project.

We make no pretense to consider the above-mentioned sequence of steps to be the algorithm of success. But one thing is definite – if you take into account our ideas, you’ll make fewer costly mistakes.


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