September 10, 2009

Outsourcing Association in CEE published its annual report on the state of software development industry in the counties of Central and Eastern Europe. Belarus was rated as the fifth top exporter of IT services.

The volume of IT outsourcing in Belarus amounts 310 million dollars, it is 10 and 50 million dollars greater than in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria (the 6th and the 7th places in the Top-15 respectively). This top list of leaders of IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe looks as follows:

  1. Ukraine – 530 million dollars,
  2. Romania – 410 million dollars,
  3. Hungary – 375 million dollars,
  4. Poland – 350 million dollars,
  5. Belarus – 310 million dollars,
  6. Czech Republic – 300 million dollars,
  7. Bulgaria – 250 million dollars,
  8. Serbia – 157 million dollars,
  9. Estonia – 105 million dollars,
  10. Slovakia – 90 million dollars,
  11. Lithuania – 55 million dollars,
  12. Croatia – 50 million dollars,
  13. Moldova – 30 million dollars,
  14. Latvia – 27 million dollars,
  15. Slovenia – 14 million dollars.

It’s a noteworthy fact that Gartner analysts did not include Belarus in the Top-30 best IT outsourcing countries last year. And at the same time they included Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic taking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th positions in Top-15 of CEEOA.


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