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Hello, Oxagile readers! I’m Daniel Gatto, Vice President of Business Development, US. This year, I had the pleasure of joining Oxagile’s team at NAB Show for the first time. Here are some of my reflections on this exciting experience.

April 17, 2024: “What an incredible event it is!”

It’s the final day of NAB Show 2024, and at last, I have a moment to jot down my reflections. Over 61,000 people flooded into the event, and guess what? More than half of them were first-timers.

As soon as our team from Oxagile set foot in the venue, we hit the ground running. It was like we had our running shoes on and were in high gear from the get-go. The place was buzzing with activity, and we were right in the thick of it, meeting fantastic partners.

Our team’s dedication, hard work, and professionalism shone through in every conversation. It felt good to know we were representing Oxagile in such a top-notch way at a prestigious event.

The general vibes of NAB Show 2024

The general vibes of NAB Show 2024

April 18, 2024: “The future of media streaming is defined!”

Today’s reflections are all about the future of media, and let me tell you, it’s a wild ride ahead. Each aspect I’ve been mulling over has the potential to completely shake up how we do business in this industry.

  • First up, the rise of streaming platforms. It’s like a battleground out there, with giants like Netflix and Disney+ facing off against newbies like AppleTV+ and Peacock. Talks at the IABM Breakfast painted a picture of fierce competition and possible mergers and acquisitions that could reshape the streaming landscape.
  • Then there’s Generative AI, and wow, the possibilities are mind-blowing. Picture artificial intelligence helps with scriptwriting, animation, and special effects. It could mean lightning-fast production cycles or even entirely AI-generated content. But with great power comes great responsibility, right? Questions about the ownership of AI-generated content and the future of creative jobs are looming large.
  • Next, let’s talk about the evolving media landscape. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are giving independent creators a voice. The Creator Lab was buzzing with discussions on how to support these creators and help them thrive in this ever-changing environment.
  • And finally, the future of storytelling. Virtual reality and augmented reality are taking us on a trip beyond our wildest dreams, putting us right in the middle of the action. But it doesn’t stop there. Interactive storytelling could mean viewers get to shape the direction of the story themselves, opening a whole new world of possibilities.

The future of the media? It’s exciting, it’s uncertain, and it’s something worth keeping an eye on.

The studio of NAB Show Live

The studio of NAB Show Live

April 18, 2024: “This exhibitor truly caught my attention!”

Today, I delved into a case study that really caught my attention: the migration of the Disc Golf Network (DGN) to a custom OTT platform. It was quite a success story, and I was lucky enough to catch a presentation about it at NAB Show.

Here’s the scope:

DGN made the leap from a pre-packaged solution to a tailored platform crafted by their technology partner. This switch gave them a whole new level of control over their development process and allowed for the integration of custom features.

Now, the big focus is on ensuring a seamless user experience for the upcoming 2024 season with the shiny new DGN 2.0 platform. Plus, they’re beefing up their DRM control for AI-generated “Highlight Clips.” It’s all about keeping things fresh and engaging for their audience, and I’m eager to see how it plays out.

Freedom and control over the video streaming features you launch

Freedom and control over the video streaming features you launch

Oxagile’s team can serve as your technology guide, ensuring flexibility in delivering new viewing experiences for subscribers.

April 19, 2024: “Sales and marketing strategies that proved to be successful!”

Today, I’ve dived into the reflections on our team’s and our partners’ selling experiences at NAB Show 2024. Here’s my breakdown of what I’ve learned and how it applies to our own endeavors at Oxagile:

Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiaryDefining our target market means precision, understanding ideal clients’ needs, industry nuances, and pain points.
Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiaryAssessing the competition involves analyzing strengths and weaknesses to strategically position ourselves with unique value propositions.
Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiaryCreating a value proposition means clearly articulating how our solutions solve problems and drive growth for clients, making a difference.
Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiaryChoosing sales channels includes casting a wide net with webinars, events, and content marketing to attract potential clients and showcase our leadership.
Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiarySetting sales goals and metrics is crucial for tracking progress and refining the strategy based on defined success criteria.
Behind the Scenes at NAB Show 2024: A Sales Networking DiaryTraining and motivating the sales team entails equipping them with knowledge, tools, incentives, and a positive environment to effectively communicate our solution’s value.

April 20, 2024: “I’ll never forget this case from my time at NAB Show.”

One of NAB Show’s discussion panels

One of NAB Show’s discussion panels

It was a big day with a scheduled meeting with the CEO of a large global company. The meeting was set for 11:00 AM on Tuesday the 16th in North Hall, while our Oxagile’s booth was stationed in West Hall.

Navigating through a construction zone, I arrived a few minutes early at North Hall to prepare. However, upon arrival, I received a message from the CEO via LinkedIn, informing me that he was waiting for me at the Oxagile booth in the West Hall.

Thankfully, I had my trusty pair of Puma running shoes on hand. I turned what was supposed to be a 15-minute walk into a brisk 7-minute run, reaching the CEO just in time for our meeting. Though I may have appeared a bit disheveled, the meeting went splendidly. We had a fruitful 20-minute conversation, getting to know each other and discussing potential opportunities.

April 21, 2024: “Staying energized and focused. Done!”

Today, I want to share a little bit about my strategy for tackling the NAB Show. I knew I needed to break it down into manageable segments with a clear theme and focus to make the most of my time. Having a plan in place helped me prioritize my interactions and engagements effectively, ensuring that I stayed on track and aligned with the company’s goals.

Another key aspect was the Espresso Barista, Rachel. She always had my order ready right when I needed a boost. It might seem small, but in the busy event environment, it made a big difference. It kept me energized and focused on my objectives throughout the day.

The way to NAB Show from the airport to Oxagile’s meeting room

The way to NAB Show from the airport to Oxagile’s meeting room

April 22, 2024: “Navigating the tomorrow of media streaming.”

Today, I feel like channeling my inner Nostradamus.

One area that stands out is the transformative impact of AI across the content creation pipeline. From script generation to post-production, AI is revolutionizing workflows and unlocking new creative possibilities. Other significant themes include streaming, monetization strategies, NextGen TV like ATSC 3.0, virtual production, and sustainable streaming approaches.

These topics are personally very important to me as they represent the future of our industry and can drive significant shifts in how content is produced, distributed, and consumed. By staying engaged with industry events, networking with key stakeholders, and sharing my expertise, I believe I can play a vital role in shaping the future of our industry and driving innovation for the benefit of all involved.

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