November 15, 2010

Recently online hackers have been trying to distribute the harmful code through the gaps in the Java security system. Such conclusion has been made by the experts from the security laboratory of the G Data company, having analyzed the Top 10 harmful programs. Earlier the weak points in PDF constituted the highest danger, now they have been replaced by the Java exploits. Among the ten most popular viruses of October 2010, five ones concern the vulnerabilities of Java.

Among the possible reasons of such dominations are the gaps in Java security issues, reported the experts. Moreover, the process of production and distribution of the harmful code has become much simple in comparison with the other forms of infecting.

Experts in the sphere of application security recommend users to install the high productive security solution as well as update regularly the installed operation system, browsers and their components. It’s also necessary to use on your PC only the latest versions of applications.

Web and mobile application developers are concerned about developing secure applications and the issue of security is very acute for software development companies.


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