January 21, 2009

There were many predictions concerning IT in the network before the advent of 2009. First of all specialists expected to be surprised by the head of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Based on analysts’ predictions in 2009, Apple will please us with the following products:

  • A simplified version of iPhone. It’s interesting to see what will be the segmentation of products in this niche from Apple, it already has iPhone and iPod touch, and those both are competing with each other;
  • Cheaper MacBook (it doesn’t have a Netbook yet);
  • Predictors are expecting a Netbook from Apple. It should be similar to the iPhone with 8-inch screen and keyboard, valued at about $ 900. It‘s expected that the new device will provide access to the Internet, email, media functions, as well as support services and the iTunes App Store;
  • The new iPod Shuffle, which will be more compact than the existing device;
  • In autumn a new MID from Apple will be presented, which will have a screen size of 7 or 9 inches and will be suitable for viewing media content, web-surfing and using applications from AppStore;
  • Perhaps a major upgrade of Apple TV, at least, making this device as a video recorder. Apple is still looking for an opportunity to move the Apple TV from the «hobby» status into something much larger;
  • Further development of Mac mini. This product is already beginning to forget. But Apple could start new life into the mini, releasing an improved version that would work with the new Cinema Display, and would allow you to extend the functionality. This could be a very attractive option for people who want something more than the iMac, but less than the Mac Pro;
  • Further development of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). But Apple itself has recognized that this update will not contain any major new user features. Particular attention will be given to the changes in the internal architecture of the OS.


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