November 10, 2010

The American company Apple is accused of violating the copyright law in China where the local manufacturer of computer monitors claims that Apple doesn’t have rights for using the trademark iPad.

The Chinese company Proview Technlogy Co claims that it registered the brand name iPad in China in January 2000 and since that time it has been using it at the Chinese market.

According to Beijing News, the Chinese company has all the required documents and the local player is planning to protect its right for the brand. Apple started selling its tablet computer iPad in China last month, although ‘grey’ iPads have been selling in China practically from the moment of iPad release in the USA.

Some reliable sources say that earlier the companies negotiated the issue of transferring the trademark but didn’t reach an agreement. Now the reasonable price for the trademark iPad is about $800,000. In the official statement Proview Technology states that the decision on launching the sales of tablets under the name iPad was illegal from Apple’s side.

Nobody knows how it will influence the device itself but mobile application developers have already liked this device and have already created hundreds of devices for iPad.


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