May 26, 2010

Guys from have been using Nexus One with installed Android 2.2 for about a week. And every day they were more and more admired. And, of course, they wanted to compare the performance characteristics of two android versions (2.2 and 2.1). So, they did it with the Linkpac benchmark, testing speed of the Dalvik virtual machine (which in fact can be considered as the heart of Android OS).

First there was recorded test result for the “old man”, 2.1. It was about 7 Mflops. But when it came to the testing of 2.2 researchers probably didn’t believe their eyes. It was 37.6 Mflops! We sure that those results surprised many Android application developers.

As it turned out, this increased productivity was possible thanks to the Just-In-Time Compilation. But … who cares? It works! And it works FAST! 🙂


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