February 2, 2009

In one of the previous posts we introduced the Six Sigma Methodology that is rather widely used nowadays. This post is dedicated to the advantages of this methodology and will help to explain why it’s so popular.

The first and most obvious advantage of the methodology is the rise of profitability at the expense of cost’s cutting down. Thanks to the involvement in the projects thanks to Six Sigma this abbreviation can be rather considerable. Six Sigma allows achieving complete satisfaction of clients. And still it is not all. The companies can calculate their success in a durable perspective, only if can surprise the clients with innovative sentences. Moreover, the companies should improve their activity continuously.

The special attention given in the methodology Six Sigma to the rigidity of the process, to its correspondence to the installed norms, contradicts the innovation which, essentially, is a deviation from the norm. The innovative approach means deviations in production, the redundancy, the unusual solutions, insufficient study – all with what Six Sigma fights. It is necessary to report it to the heads, who decided to introduce this methodology.

There is also one more aspect, rather essential to the heads, which is necessary to remember. Six Sigma – not simply a modification of the old technological methods of quality support; it is essentially new approach for company management. Experts are not inclined to oppose Six Sigma and ISO 9001 (here at Oxagile we work according to ISO, by the way).

The number of experts considers a method “Six Sigma” simply as one of the statistical methods of the analysis and measurement of quality that can be used as one of possible ones while implementing ISO 9001. This quality standard orders mandatory application of statistical methods on industrial deviation which is an important part of Six Sigma.


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