6 Ways to Use Video for Better Employee Engagement

Committed employees are the greatest asset a company can have. At the same time, a disengaged workforce is a drain on time and resources. In this situation, employee engagement becomes a prerequisite for increased productivity and high profits.

When it comes to employee engagement, video could be one of the most powerful tools you can use to educate, motivate, and empower your staff.

How Disengaged Workforce Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

According to a Gallup study, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged. That leaves an overwhelming 87% of unmotivated and uninterested workers.

Disengaged employees are unlikely to be innovative or enthusiastic, let alone stay loyal or put forth extra effort into the company’s success. Poor employee involvement translates into lower personal productivity, which costs the U.S. up to $550 bln per year. Moreover, there is a clear correlation between workforce disengagement and higher rates of absenteeism.

Unmotivated employees demonstrate low workplace commitment, which contributes to higher turnover. This puts a strain on the company’s budget in terms of increased recruiting costs. Just as an employee leaves, so do the time and effort that the company has put into his or her training.

Embrace the Power of Video as an Engagement Tool

Enterprises use various solutions — such as internal social networks — to foster communication, promote collaboration, and reach other organizational objectives.

Savvy companies get the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words. By integrating video platforms with existing systems, they engage their staff on a more profound level and bring a human element into communication.

Reinvent communication. Efficient communication lies at the heart of genuine employee involvement. Tech-savvy millennials, which will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, are shaking up the workplace. Being digital natives, they show proclivity to use the same communication tools at work as they do in life.

A video platform integrated into your internal social network allows you to reach your workforce in an organic and far more engaging way. Make it easy for your employees to upload, view and comment on media content, and the idea will resonate with them.

Employee-generated video (EGV) can be priceless for improving communication as it naturally encourages people to share their stories and achievements, and get recognition. Additional bonus here is that EGV unlocks inherent creativity and helps spot a talent.

Education and training. The benefits of investing in employee education include far more than just a highly qualified and productive workforce. The ability to grow and develop as a professional gives inner motivation and cultivates commitment.

A custom video management platform can be instrumental in organizing education and managing knowledge sharing. Professional experience captured on video can be an educational point for a fellow colleague.

Broadcast lectures, conferences, or seminars to a wide audience of your employees with live streaming. Create a VoD library of training materials for the workers to refer to anytime and anyplace. Whatever the model, using video for educational purposes is convenient, cost-effective and productive.

Continuous professional excellence. Video creates better educational opportunities for achieving excellence through continuing professional development (CPD).

According to a Deloitte article, “employees under the age of 25 rate professional development as their number one driver of engagement, and this is the number two priority for workers up to age 35”.

Professional certification means recognition and appreciation of a person’s hard work. Making video a part of the process can enhance it in many ways.

One of them is to include a video case study into the exam. Unlike a written form, a video puts words into action and allows for a more thorough analysis of the situation. If there is no need for physical presence, video conferencing is the way to go. It saves time and money, while also bringing the benefit of face-to-face communication.

Meaningful employee feedback. Understanding your staff is critical for improving the level of engagement. Feedback provides the insights you need to connect with your most critical asset — your people.

Acting on the feedback sends the message that employees are heard, their ideas are valued, and their contribution is appreciated.

Interactive videos enable two-way communication and encourage immediate feedback. You can have this valuable information at your fingertips — just organize a poll, a quiz, a survey, or a live chat to get actionable insights.

Performance tracking. Regular performance reviews contribute to employee engagement. Another Gallup study revealed that employees whose managers regularly communicate with them are three times more engaged than those whose managers do not hold regular meetings.

Performance tracking is the simplest way to ensure recognition and make each team member feel valued. Money is not the only thing that motivates employees, and appreciation seasoned with meaningful feedback can be just as impactful.

A busy schedule or distributed offices can make it difficult to set up a face-to-face meeting. Having a company-wide video platform solves the problem — record a personalized video message, organize live casting or live conferencing to cut down on lengthy emails and humanize your communication.

To protect the sensitive nature of any video, make sure you have solid user management in place. This functionality allows managing access across users and roles and restricting it as necessary.

Showcasing your products. No matter what your business is, genuinely engaged and passionate employees could be the biggest advocates of your products and services.

To effectively promote your brand, the sales and marketing departments need to stay in the know of the latest releases and updates. Video presentations and announcements are a great opportunity to empower your staff with the necessary knowledge and understanding.

A promotional product video enables you to get the right message across a large audience of your workforce — quickly and efficiently. It puts your product into context by telling a story, while making it relatable to your employees and hence your customers.

Final Notes

Fostering a culture of engaged workforce is beneficial on many levels. And video can be instrumental in making your staff more involved, productive, and innovative.

Depending on your business needs, you may opt for a ready-to-use solution or a custom online video platform (OVP). Whatever you choose, make sure your video platform has the necessary features to meet your specific requirements.

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