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Healthcare and Telemedicine Project Examples

Powerful MarTech Platform for the Dental Industry

An all-in-one software suite that enables dentists to manage, market, and grow their business online.

The solution integrates with popular dental PMSs and uses clinical records to optimize and automate the practice’s marketing strategy.

Turnkey SaaS-Based Practice Management Solution for Plastic Surgery Clinics

A practice management and patient engagement platform that helps digitize the daily operations of plastic surgery clinics.

Available on all devices, the solution bridges existing care gaps and increases efficiency across the entire practice.

Patient Portal and Mobile Apps for Older People

A HIPAA-compliant web portal backed with native mobile apps to help older people:

  • view medical records;
  • access a database of over 2,000 care providers;
  • communicate with a physician;
  • upload medical documents and email them to a doctor;
  • find nearby hospitals based on the current geolocation.

iPad-Optimized EMR System

A mobile solution that enables nurses and clinic receptionists to manage patient records and appointments, perform employee training, and generate custom reports.

Home care agencies, assisted living facilities, and small practices use this system to deliver better care to their patients.

Handy Magnifier App

AmpliVision is designed to help visually impaired and elderly people easily read any text with the help of their mobile device.

The solution’s simple UI and effortless one-hand operation make it an indispensable tool in many life situations.