Building custom chat solutions for any mobile platform

We leverage 15 years of experience in WebRTC, online video delivery, and mobile live chat app development to help you create feature-rich, high-performance chat applications that users love. Go beyond simple texting with other types of instant messages or implement voice and video calls directly in the app at the press of a button.

Scalability and performance

  • Load balancing for low-latency video calls
  • Horizontally scalable architectures
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption with automated compression of media files
  • Automated failover to ensure zero data loss
  • Cloud and on-premise solution deployment

Full range of integrations

  • Integration with third-party apps via REST API and webhooks
  • eCommerce integrations for monetization and customer outreach
  • In-app gaming
  • In-app image and video editing
  • Chatbot integration

Strong security and privacy controls

  • E2EE of data in the cloud and in transit
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure login from several devices simultaneously
  • Real-time cloud data storage
  • Multi-level chat hierarchy with roles and permissions

Explore our mobile chat application development services

With expertise and processes honed on over a hundred mobile projects, our mobile team can tackle any business challenge all the way from POC to publishing.

iOS chat app development

Full-cycle delivery of enterprise and consumer solutions

We apply Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to design and build robust chat apps that leverage the whole gamut of device capabilities and ensure impeccable native experiences to every user.

From audio and video calls to file and screen sharing, we deliver premium collaboration tools that meet the strict security requirements set by Apple and accommodate any number of simultaneous users.

Android chat app development

Unlock mission-critical functionality

Our Android development team brings to the table the experience acquired in over 100 mobile projects. We help businesses develop highly customizable chat apps that leverage the advantages of Android’s open source system.

Tap into our skills to implement lightning-fast UX, low-latency videoconferencing, sophisticated security controls, optimized device capacity usage, and a scalable backend to support multiple concurrent users.

Cross-platform app development

Capitalize on code reuse

To bring down development costs and release faster than the competitors, we recommend our clients to go cross-platform. Our React Native experts utilize a shared codebase for iOS and Android that allows for live updates across both platforms, all with a native look and feel.

Our consultants will also help you weigh the pros and cons of native vs. hybrid development with a focus on specific business requirements and restrictions.

Dedicated chat development teams

Grow your team quickly

Hire full-stack chat app developers to access solid expertise in frontend and backend techs, testing tools, and DevOps processes. Keep your focus on the product while a dedicated project manager supervises the team.

And by involving our R&D capabilities and innovative cross-domain expertise, our clients can bring to life any product enhancement plans, such as video calls enablement, eCommerce integrations, VR experiences, and more.

Innovation enablement on mobile

Pioneer new features

Oxagile’s robust R&D team designs and tests out ambitious concepts to help businesses deal with unique challenges and apply cutting-edge tools. Challenge our team to deliver a fully-functional POC within four weeks!

Cooperate with our research team to enrich your chat app with NLP-powered chatbots, on-the-fly UI and UX personalization, computer vision-based image recognition and analysis, intelligent recommendations, and other innovative features.

Performance engineering

Add high-quality video calls to your chat application

Our mobile QA team wield their experience and best practices to ensure that your chat app can confidently support a wide array of complex features 24/7 for a virtually infinite number of concurrent users around the globe.

We solve mobile QA issues of any scale, from load testing to address large audiences and traffic spikes to performance testing that guarantees reliable communication through the app — even on 3G networks.

Mobile QA excellence

We involve our QA team early in the project to make sure every build undergoes thorough integration, performance, security, and usability testing before release. Our areas of focus include:

  • Mobile testing strategy consulting
  • Mature AQA automation framework
  • In-house device farm
  • Сovering all screen sizes and resolutions