May 17, 2014


Here we go with another Weekly Roundup from Oxagile.

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So take a look at the interesting and important things which have happened lately in the world of Information Technology with Oxagile’s Weekly Roundup.

  • Reuters highlights the details of the deal which ended the era of Nokia handset business and began the new era called Microsoft Mobile. This move is aimed at the further expansion of Microsoft’s mobile department and possible higher activity at the mobile market.
  • Techcrunch report on Apple’s purchase of a company called LuxVue Technology focusing on development of micro-LED displays that could be found in a variety of future consumer electronics, gave tech fans a hope that on WWDC Apple will unleash the iWatch on the world, or possibly show off a revamped Apple TV device. However, most probably, this time Apple’s annual gathering will focus on software not hardware.
  • Ron Miller from TechCrunch shares some thoughts on what every cloud vendor should know in order not to lose its customers. And we think that you’ll be surprised to know that the key-note of the article is customer’s support and satisfaction. Growing competition leads to more frequent cloud vendor changes so vendors have to pay more attention to both buyers and end-users to keep them.
  • Big Data penetrate deeper and deeper in our lives. Australian government uses big data for crime prediction. The crime prediction models, which use big data, are looking for patterns that may lead to crimes and save a lot of time for human analysts. According to ACC chief information officer Maria Milosavljevic, the system is still in the process of development and refinement and there’s a lot of work to automate it.

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