November 8, 2007

Microsoft.NET – is a concept of fast and qualitative program development. The .NET concept is created according to the new world situation which requires more high-quality and secure programs.

You need to setup .NET Framework Redistributable Package for executing the .NET program. It has only 25MB and you can download it from site. Usually .NET applications are small programs (.exe or .dll).

But in future .NET will be in all computers all over the world. The .NET will change web-sites. It will be an application which can be accessed via any device by the net.

You need Visual Studio for .net applications, web-applications, and web-services development. Also you need some components from .NET Framework SDK. You can see the .NET applications code using C# or Delphi with the help of Reflector for the .NET tool.

You can create a .NET program using any language which has a compiler. It’s possible to create your own compiler and add it to Visual Studio. Such compilers exist now: The PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework, Delphi for .NET compiler and others.

.NET applications simplify the System Administrators’ life. They are small and secure and don’t break servers. They control a computer memory and access failures.


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