Crime statistics don’t encourage optimism — in New York City only, an overall index crime rate grew by 34.2% in April 2022 if to compare it with the same period 2021, according to New York City Police Department announcements.

Road safety facts don’t sound promising either. Let’s see the picture on a global scale — about 1.3 million people yearly die in car crashes. What’s going on every day on the roads? The world loses about 3,700 inhabitants.

As these numbers continue growing along with technology breakthroughs and advancements, a sound way out is to get the most out of computer vision solutions for security and meet as many safety challenges as possible.

What unites examinations, traffic conditions, and work environment? When applied accurately, powers of AI for security can prevent any uncontrolled situation and reduce the number of accidents, either on the road, at the workplace, or during the assessment. Take a look at the use cases where computer vision eliminates the risks of crimes, injuries, and non-compliance with regulations.

  1. Health and safety
  2. Zero-incident driving
  3. Guarding a peaceful life

Top 3 computer vision applications in security and surveillance

1. Health and safety

Besides assisting with making a more precise diagnosis and identifying the diseases at an early stage, computer vision solutions enable an unprecedented safety at the workplace.

On the one hand, AI-driven systems carefully track whether workers follow the enterprise rules, like utilizing protective clothing and equipment or adhering to all workplace and safety regulations.

How Computer Vision for Security and Surveillance Makes the World Safer

Employee safety solution

Another side of the coin is anti-Covid-19 measures, which became essential during the last few years. Making all efforts to provide a secure enterprise environment during the pandemic will not only increase employee loyalty, but also prevent revenue losses due to a high sickness level across the organization.

How computer vision can resist tough epidemiological conditions

CV contribution is multifaceted — first, a face mask recognition feature will instantly detect incorrect mask wearing as well as uncovered faces. Thermal cameras implemented won’t allow people having a subfebrile temperature to enter the building, showing high temperature determination accuracy, about 0.3 °C (~0.5 °F).

Real-time tracking of multiple objects is carefully searching for the number of people gathered simultaneously in the closed space, so a minimal safe distance is never ignored.

How Computer Vision for Security and Surveillance Makes the World Safer

Face and object tracking system

Even the low quality of surveillance videos, constantly moving objects, or improper angles is not an issue for computer vision systems to demonstrate a high accuracy of video and image analysis. If you need more details about the CV safety system performance and person detection accuracy, you’re welcome to explore our enterprise-grade computer vision solution accelerating employee safety at the workplace.

How Computer Vision for Security and Surveillance Makes the World Safer

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Wonder how computer vision solutions will enhance safety at your organization?

2. Zero-incident driving

Is this at all real?

Imagine a car accident involving injuries due to a bus driver’s sudden heart attack. Another automobile crash occurred because the chauffeur was drunk. Someone stole a car and crashed into a lamp post, moving at high speed. The things lost in the vehicle cost an office worker his monthly bonus, as he forgot the documents required for making a deal.

Each of the stories is not an out of the ordinary event. But when a lack of attention, emergencies, and a breach of law are threatening reputation and even lives, there’s one question that arises:

Are there any solutions capable of preventing all the issues above?

How computer vision technology is used for surveillance and safety on the roads

Let’s go in order: to improve driver and passenger safety, thus minimizing accident rates, CV-powered fleet safety software comes to assistance. While object detection and tracking features chase and analyze the suspicious pose and behavior of the driver, emotion and face recognition algorithms closely follow the driver’s engagement rate, sobriety, and fatigue.

Then, computer vision surveillance systems support the communication between cars and road infrastructure. When vehicles, roads, and surveillance cameras function like a single organism, drivers get more info about traffic conditions and transportation services timely detect suspicious “racers”.

How Computer Vision for Security and Surveillance Makes the World Safer

Face and object tracking system

How do AI surveillance services come to the rescue? They detect all means of transportation, other objects on the roadway and beyond as well as their precise location. Traffic flow and conditions are carefully monitored, whereas automatic number-plate recognition allows quickly finding troublemakers.

The interior monitoring systems armed by intelligent video surveillance analytics, behavior analysis, and action detection features prevent drivers or passengers from forgetting stuff or leaving pets inside the car. Neither absent-mindedness nor haste will become a source of big troubles.

What’s computer vision capable of in tandem with Oxagile’s CV team?

3. Guarding a peaceful life

AI-based city surveillance systems shouldn’t be underestimated, as being a source of the evidence for further investigations, they serve as invaluable assistants for law enforcement to quickly solve crimes. But wait, there’s more — computer vision for security can as well prevent store thefts or other criminal offenses, detecting threats in advance and sharing warning signals with the police forces or security officials.

How Computer Vision for Security and Surveillance Makes the World Safer

Person detection system

Crowd collapses, accidents occuring due to unfavorable weather conditions — AI surveillance tools are monitoring the safety of people, being the first to scan doubtful or abnormal behavior.

Case in point: A video analysis platform for the police force

How many times can a video analysis solution increase the powers of the police force? We’re giving you the answer backed up with one of our project cases. Sick and tired of a long-hour manual analysis and redaction of video evidences, the police were searching for a solution to automate these processes, thus saving their time and efforts for more sophisticated tasks.

Almost 100% person detection accuracy, even during poor visibility conditions, the ability to blur any face or object on the video to use it in court, comprehensive reporting on the videos — thanks to leveraging computer vision tech for effective security, we also managed to speed up the work of the police up to 60 times.

Computer vision for security: the opportunities are boundless

The application of computer vision for security and safety reasons isn’t limited to the cases we’ve described. Having a deep expertise in video, text, and image analysis, object detection, and facial recognition, our team will be excited to tell you more about each CV dimension born to favor safety and security in the city or at the working place.