December 14, 2008

When choosing a partner you want to draw attention to a number of important factors:

1. Do they have the quality management system? Your manager is recommended to visit personally a company-applicant and inspect the company.

2. Does the company have the experience in similar projects? Positive and negative experiences are of the same value. To clarify this you need to keep in touch with other organizations and share the relevant information.

3. What are the qualifications of the company’s management you want to work with? The important role is played by the leadership, different styles can lead to serious disagreements.

4. Is a partner team professional and stable? You can view the company’s summary, interview the members of the team, ask the availability of certificates, etc.

5. Can your partner work under contingencies? In particular, you should inquire about the possibility of increasing the number of people engaged in the project, their willingness to work at weekends.


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