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Staying on schedule, scaling the team, ensuring product quality — Oxagile is a software development company that helps you keep track of all the crucial details without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Addressing Your Business Challenges

The team’s technical excellence takes you halfway to success. At Oxagile, we understand that a solid grasp of your business domain is equally critical.

Online Video
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Advertising Technology
Big Data
Business Intelligence
Real-Time Communication

Enhance Video Experience, Scale Delivery, Supercharge Monetization

We enable you to deliver top-quality content on your own terms anywhere in the world, to audiences of any size, and on any type of device. Our company is passionate about crafting custom video products and enhancing existing OTT solutions.

Monetize Visual Content, Catch Fraudsters before They Act, Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

We use machine learning, deep learning, and AI to build powerful software tools that let businesses deal with specific pain points. Equipped with intelligent automation, our clients achieve significant time savings and unmatched precision of analysis from a system that will use every new piece of input for continuous self-improvement.

Turn Images into Knowledge, Identify People with Precision, Recognize Objects in Videos

Using a combination of cross-domain expertise as well as machine- and deep-learning skills, Oxagile applies computer vision to offer innovative solutions and crack complex business cases. We leverage CV technology to deliver value in a variety of industries, from face recognition-based security to live player tracking in sports.

Automate Healthcare Workflows and Expand Your Reach with Digital

Our company offers software development services that help doctors distribute more personalized care to individuals and influence the lifestyle of entire communities. Oxagile has already built solutions used in practice management, patient engagement, rehabilitation, immunization, and more.

Invest in Your Clients’ Confidence with Next-Level User Experience and Cutting-Edge FinTech

Oxagile helps companies boost operational efficiency and user retention via innovative FinTech solutions and mobile apps. Give your customers the five-star treatment they deserve by offering new types of online services underpinned by robust security.

Disrupt the Classroom Experience, Stay Flexible, Reduce Operational Costs

Oxagile has delivered dozens of educational technology projects to Fortune 500 companies as well as midsize businesses and start-ups around the world. Businesses rely on Oxagile to develop software for education and personnel training that provides universal availability and greater learning efficiency.

Advertise More Efficiently, Automate Routine Tasks, Predict Performance with Machine Learning

Adtech is the new black in the advertising industry, and our experts know how to use its benefits to your advantage. Use our software development expertise to unlock precise ad targeting, provide smart budgeting tools, and improve the yield of advertising campaigns.

Enhance Data Quality, Uncover Insights, Connect Data Assets

Our data scientists help harness complex data processing operations to make everyday decision-making fact-based and agile. From sourcing to presenting your most sought-after data, we open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance efficiency, and more.

Upgrade Decision-Making Tools With Advanced BI Expertise

We transform vast amounts of unstructured data into customizable reports enhanced with interactive dashboards across web and mobile. Our solutions are supported by robust, scalable backends to withstand high load and ensure 24/7 availability.

Get Your Message Across Effectively, in Real Time and on Any Channel

Oxagile delivers secure WebRTC-based conferencing solutions that feature video and voice messaging, desktop sharing, file exchange capabilities, co-browsing, and more. With instant peer-to-peer communication, you can deliver excellent customer experiences or streamline decision-making between multiple regional offices.

Get Tangible Results from Your Marketing Strategy, Fast

Every product is in some way unique. Oxagile combines the latest of marketing technology with meticulous research to help clients step up the impact of their marketing campaigns, anticipate customer behavior, and reap bigger rewards.

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