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Pushing the Envelope of Software Development

We build digital products that serve over 1 billion users worldwide. Tap into our multi-year domain expertise to drive your digital transformation strategy.

Custom Software Development

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are ready to assist you at every stage of the software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.

Web Application Development

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building web applications. We are also experts in many verticals and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, AdTech, Finance, Entertainment, and more.

Mobile Application Development

Develop powerful, highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users, and rein­force your brand. We build native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps that run on all major operating systems such as iOS and Android.

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OTT delivery is something we’re passionate about. Oxagile’s team draws on multi-year experience of crafting custom video products and enhancing existing OTT solutions. We enable you deliver top-quality content on your own terms anywhere in the world, to audiences of any size, and on any type of device.

Adtech is the new black in the advertising industry, and our experts know how to use its benefits to your advantage. Unlock precise ad targeting, allocate budgets with more efficiency, and improve the yield of your advertising campaigns with tailored next-gen adtech solutions.

Our data scientists help enterprises harness complex data processing operations to make everyday decision-making fact-based and agile. From sourcing to presenting your most sought-after data, we open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance efficiency, and more.

With our advanced BI expertise, we transform vast amounts of unstructured data into customizable reports enhanced with interactive dashboards for desktop and mobile. All solutions are supported by scalable backends to withstand high load.

Instant peer-to-peer communication is vital for businesses that want to provide excellent customer experiences or streamline decision-making between multiple regional offices. Oxagile delivers secure WebRTC-based conferencing solutions that feature video and voice messaging, desktop sharing, file exchange capabilities, co-browsing, and more.

Industry experts typically cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility and learning efficiency among the top reasons why businesses are relying on eLearning for personnel training and education. Oxagile has delivered dozens of educational technology projects to Fortune 500 companies, educational establishments, as well as midsize businesses and start-ups around the world.

Computer vision systems deliver value in a variety of industries, from powering face recognition for security purposes to live player tracking in sports technology. Using a combination of cross-domain expertise and machine- and deep-learning skills, Oxagile applies computer vision to offer innovative solutions and crack complex business cases.

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