Leverage our OTT analytics know-hows

Big data

End-to-end big data engineering

  • Data discovery and mining strategy
  • Connecting data, systems, and processes across the enterprise
  • Seamless data ingestion and transformation
  • Resilient and scalable big data architectures
  • Next-gen data warehousing to handle massive amounts of data

Machine learning

Next-generation ML-driven intelligence

  • Advanced customer profiling and segmentation
  • Personalized recommendations and offers
  • AI-powered video stream analysis in real time
  • ML-based content scheduling optimization

Business intelligence

Actionable insights for business agility

  • Long-term BI strategy roadmap
  • Tailored BI solutions that leverage pre-trained ML models
  • Data visualization and interactive reporting dashboards
  • Mobile business intelligence to make informed decisions on the go
  • End-to-end BI testing services to control data integrity and security

Analyze smarter with computer vision

Use our computer vision expertise to boost your analytics capabilities. Reduce user churn, ensure compliance, and better monetize your content.

  • Accurate detection of sensitive themes such as nudity, violence, etc.
  • Generation of personalized recommendations overriding traditional metadata
  • Automatic compilation of action-filled video highlights
  • Intelligent, non-intrusive ad insertion based on scene content
  • Precise detection of content anomalies like glitches and artificial text

Full-fledged 360° integrations

We provide full-fledged integration consulting and implementation services around your processes, data, and applications. Bank on our expertise to get data-driven insights into critical metrics such as:

  • user acquisition
  • viewing habits
  • ARPU
  • churn rate

We have the right knowledge and skills to pair up your OTT platform with one of the industry-leading analytics systems:

Supporting your OTT workflows



We have the right knowledge and skills to revamp your video acquisition processes. Enable business agility with ML-fueled metadata extraction and enhancement, automated content authenticity verification, real-time and on-demand transcoding, cutting-edge video and audio QC, and more.



Leave the challenge of content editing to us. We use best practices around business process automation to detect inappropriate scenes, assign movie ratings, add captions and subtitles, enable AR effects, spot the optimal place for ad insertions, generate captivating promo materials, and more.



Go with a market leader in handling complex content workflows. From comprehensive transcoding and digital rights management to compliance and quality control, we have the expertise and resources to deliver. Our OTT professionals will also help you with automating privacy and permission controls, data-driven analytics, etc.



Hire our OTT experts to take your content delivery to the next level. Draw on a multi-CDN approach to provide outstanding viewing experiences for a virtually infinite number of users. Build a custom DRM solution to protect your premium content. Engage watchers with interactive second-screen apps.



Drive profitable growth with our end-to-end ad delivery services. We’ll assist you with smart audience segmentation and consult on the optimal monetization models, including SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, EST, and PPV. Capitalize on our expertise around cross-selling and upselling, targeted TV, billing solution development, and more.