Customer master data management

Underpinning marketing and sales initiatives, customer data helps deliver better customer experiences and generate more yield.

We offer end-to-end customer master data management services to make sure your every business decision is supported with accurate, top-quality data you trust.

Focus on your business needs

Streamlined operational efficiency

Empower your departments and business units with a centralized master data hub to accelerate decision-making and boost productivity.

Enhanced customer service

Supercharge customer retention and acquisition with personalized experiences, targeted offers, and tailored loyalty programs.

Improved bottom line

Enjoy higher revenues from user data-driven marketing campaigns while supporting your business decisions with clean and trusted data.

Robust data privacy and security

Protect sensitive information, preserve data ownership, and ensure strict compliance to mitigate business risks and give your customers peace of mind.

Let us help you put your customer data to work

Connect with us for a free consultation from our MDM experts to uncover the true potential of customer data for your business.

Tap into the treasure trove of customer data

Establishing a single source of truth

By bridging across fragmented data silos, a custom data solution provides a central repository for collecting, cleaning, and managing your enterprise data. What you get is an accurate, unified, and consistent customer view readily available to all stakeholders.

Turbocharging customer intelligence

Gain deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors and refine your marketing campaigns with an enriched customer profile. Enhance your consolidated customer master data with social media and other reliable third-party sources for a complete picture.

Enforcing regulatory compliance

An integral part of a master data management strategy, data governance helps you protect data privacy and meet regulatory requirements through clearly defined processes, assigned roles and responsibilities to control access and use of personal information.

Driving higher ROI

Leverage the gold mine of your data to deliver better customer service and boost user satisfaction for higher revenues. With clean master data at hand, you can identify premium segments and higher lifetime value customers and approach them with tailored offers while also focusing on the needs of lower value clients.

Safeguarding customer data

Prioritize customer data security to build trust and loyalty. A customer MDM solution supports your security initiatives with user authentication, role-based user authorization, data access logs and audit trails. For another layer of security, add encryption for both data in transit and data at rest.

Optimizing costs

Customer master data management leaves no chance for erroneous data to undermine your efforts and hurt your bottom line. Enjoy a clean and trusted customer view with no duplicates, inconsistencies, or incorrect data to speed up business processes and avoid costly mistakes.

Leverage our holistic approach to customer master data management

Consulting and data discovery

Consulting and data discovery

To ensure maximum value, our data consultants work closely with your stakeholders to define your business objectives and develop a strategy aligned with your long-term goals. With data scattered across systems and units, we help you discover relevant customer data sources to bring them together on a holistic map.

Data consolidation

Data consolidation

Our software engineers design robust and scalable data architectures and develop data integration strategies to bring data from your enterprise-wide touch points, as well as IoT-enabled devices and wearables, into a single easy-to-manage system.

Data transformation

Data transformation

To fuel your analytics and decision-making with top-quality data, we perform rigorous data transformation to detect, correct and remove invalid, incomplete or duplicated records from your master dataset. Our team provides data filtering, enhancement and aggregation to make it ready for the further analysis by enterprise data consumers.

Data governance

Data governance

Our big data experts help you set up rules, protocols, and policies on how to collect, store, manage, and share your master data in order to stay compliant and protect your customers’ privacy. We take a proactive approach and help you automate your data governance program to ensure superior quality of your data at all times.