October 11, 2008

There is an opinion that only web developers can become project managers (certainly if they choose such a career). This is not so.

This post will change the opinion to another one: testers are the best project managers. Funny? Let’s think about it a little.

Who is a tester? A tester is a special person, who stands at the last point of the web development lifecycle. He is the last person between the web developer and the customer.

So at first, to be a tester means to be responsible for not only quality software, but almost for the success of the whole project.

Let’s think more. A tester is a person, who doesn’t develop anything himself. He just checks. So he knows better than the whole project team, how the things should be and almost the only one who sometimes is not afraid to say what is incorrect.

At last, a tester is the only person who knows how is will be better for the end-user to work with the product. This is not the web usability question only. As a tester himself uses the product thousands of times while testing it, he is the only person who can say, what is done conveniently or not. So a tester tells how it should be.

Do you see here much alike with the project manager’s work? Same as a tester, a IT project manager doesn’t develop anything himself, always knows, how the things should be, checks the result and is responsible for the project success.

I know a project manager, who started as a tester. For now, everybody is happy to work with him and his projects are always a success!


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