First of all, Oxagile company greets its clients and partners with the New Year and sends warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

May the coming year bring prosperity, business success, corporate unity, market stability and further expansion to all of us.

Upcoming Holidays is a great time to sit altogether and recall ourselves what we have been up to in 2013. Here is a list of our Top 10 achievements:

1. Oxagile has signed a contract with one of the largest clients in its history – Discovery Communication.

On 19th of December we have passed Trial engagement period, and have plans to expand our cooperation even more in 2014.

The project is a new-era website platform development for the leading mass media holding delivering scientific and entertainment content to 1+ billion end-users. The platform is used as a framework for creating new websites for global audience.

The core idea behind the solution is minimizing launch duration and amount of development efforts for each new website while keeping the highest productivity, scalability, and user-experience standards.

The project includes development of both front-end and back-end parts from scratch plus new custom video-player creation and complex integration with 3rd party media storages, advertising and reporting services. Due to this success with Discovery Communications we are actively evolving direction of Automated Testing.

2. Oxagile company won a large tender for a perspective US-based client (name under NDA).

The client company intends to produce a high-class Web solution for online consulting using a custom-made real-time communication platform.

3. Our Team is expanding its business scope and started offering services to Marketing agencies. Having started with small and custom Web development tasks for a BigPink company we have reached a full-time occupancy on a Project this year and currently employ eight developers.

After success with BigPink we have leveraged our attention towards agencies offering custom Web and Mobile app development and signed a contract with Anthil agency.

4. Oxagile joined early adopters of perspective peer-to-peer open-source WebRTC technology and took part in both Conferences in the United States.

Video-streaming and RTC solutions is the area that has always been the driving force for Oxagile business. Therefore, the advent of the WebRTC standard that allows plugin-free communication and makes browsers literally “talk to each other” couldn’t go unnoticed by Oxagile team.

One of the Oxagile WebRTC ventures is a partnership with Influxis on the XirSys project.

The solution offers NAT traversal options for WebRTC services with STUN/TURN server hosting, and provides production environment (WebRTC JavaScript framework and an API for video, audio and data channel connections) for beefing up WebRTC projects faster, almost at a turnkey-solution pace.

5. Oxagile Mobile app vendor AppAnnex won the International BestAppEver contest in a “Best Infant” category with its Animal for Tots application.

GPS Speedometer Speed Tracker app became a finalist at the International Le Mobile conference in Paris.

For a period of three months Speed Tracker was the most popular Navigational app in App Store around the globe and was mentioned by Apple. As a result, AppAnnex applications were translated to 14 languages and were downloaded more than 2 mln. times!

6. Our team is constantly perfecting its skillset, as the company, in turn, fosters high motivation to provide top-level services, creates and develops an ongoing internal certification process for its employees as well as encourages its specialists to get certified by such technology trend-setters as Microsoft and others.

In February ten .NET developers were accredited by Microsoft community and Oxagile upgraded to Microsoft Gold partner with Application Development competency.

7. Oxagile company was recognized as Trusted Global Outsourcing 100 Service provider and joined the global network of trusted outsourcing vendors.

We were given the highest credit by the IAOP panel group for the value provided to its clients, the company recognition, employee management and executive leadership and were listed in a number of 2013 Sub Honors, among which are:

  • Best 5 Rising Stars – Industry-Specific Services;
  • Best 10 Rising Stars – Entertainment & Media;
  • Best 10 Rising Stars – Telecommunications;
  • Best 10 Rising Stars – Information/Comm. Technology Services.

8. Oxagile LLC has been named to 2013 Inc.5000 list, which features a closely-watched list of fastest growing private companies of America. We have shown a solid growth over the years, constantly increasing number of employees and the volume of revenues for the past three years.

All that allows supposing that the current position occupied by the company will be improved next year, displaying the inner company’s intention to deliver cutting-edge solutions, enlarge the customer base and expand the list of provided services.

9. Business success is not only about great ideas; it’s about skillful talent management, right approach, adaptability, risk management and, of course, money.

And it is money that became major vector for IT Spring 2013 Conference organized for second consecutive time on 16-17 of March.

10. Oxagile has launched Apptraction – a web resource for mobile application development including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.

Apptraction is a direct communication channel to Oxagile’s mobile development department and turns to be first step towards a successful implementation of a customer’s mobile app.

Next year Oxagile team is determined to continue its path towards quality excellence and professional perfection delivering first class software solutions and providing application engineering services across a range of domains and industries.

Together we will turn new challenges into benefits and primary reasons for further development and growth! Let’s do it!

Do you think we have missed something? Just mail us at!