October 3, 2010

Novell has released the new version of its cross platform development environment Mono 2.8 for web application development based on the .NET architecture. The new version of the platform Mono is a final step on the way to the release of the next version Mono 3.0.

The development environment Mono is an open alternative to the Microsoft tools for the development of .NET applications.

Here web developers get all the necessary tools for writing and moving .NET applications oriented not only to the Windows operating system but to the various modifications of Linux or Solaris.

What is new in Mono 2.8? Firstly, its improved productivity of the SGen mechanism for collecting ‘garbage’ in the memory with the dynamic compression of the used memory. Secondly, Mono 2.8 contains a powerful Low Level Virtual Machine used in scientific and financial applications where large volumes of calculations are required. Thirdly, now Mono 2.8 has full support of the new specification of the programming language C# 4.0.


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