October 25, 2010

Microsoft has just announced the opening of the online store Games for Windows Marketplace where game developers will sell their computer games based on the Windows operation systems.

The new online service is reported to have the simple interface and the easy to use navigation system. Users will be able to search for games by names, genres or vendors. If necessary, the service subscribers can download the purchased games several times, for example, for re-installing.

At first, Games for Windows Marketplace will offer about a hundred ‘high quality games of various types’. In future, the range of products will expand.

Among other software development companies that are going to distribute their products via this new online store there are Microsoft Game Studios, 2K Games, Capcom, Rockstar and Warner Brothers. The identification of the service subscribers will be done via the Windows Live ID system.

Games for Windows Marketplace will be launched on November 15.


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