June 20, 2011

Mobile application development is conquering new heights – the range of Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile applications is so wide that now practically any app for your needs can be developed by a software company.

The eShadow application based on the interaction with wireless technologies allows searching for buddies or foreigners with similar interests that are nearby. Of course, finding virtual friends is possible without leaving the computer thanks to thousands of various social networks. But Dong Xuan and his colleagues from the Ohio State University (USA) decided to move such technology into reality.

In practice it looks as follows: eShadow installed in your smartphone analyses the data of the nearest wireless networks or communication technologies used by other smartphones and shows the direction where you can find already existing friends or potential candidates to friends. The user can select filters according to this or that feature cutting off unwanted candidates.

The researchers tested their development in practice at the distance of 20-45 m with the participation of 2-7 people. In all cases the process of searching took about half a minute. But so far the application works only with Windows Mobile OS but in future it will become cross platform.

Finding a friend or a like-minded person in the crowd is not simple enough, but at the specialized social events your chances doubled. For example, at the conference on distributed computer systems (ICDCS 2011) where eShadow was first presented.

What do you think about this and similar applications? Are they necessary? I’d like to hear your opinion.


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