On April 24-25 Amsterdam hosts The Next Web Conference (TNW) Europe and brings together the world’s leading thinkers, promising global startups and most inspiring brands to do tech business and share their ideas with the world. Oxagile, being a passionate web application developer, couldn't leave this event unnoticed. We are scouting Twitter to bring you the whole, but simplified story... more
April 24, 2014

This sixth article of the series Software Development Team Roles is about QA-engineers. Former posts were dedicated to PHP Developer, .NET Developer, Project Manager, Head of Marketing and a Mobile App Developer. This time we’ve altered the layout a bit and the story will be delivered by the team members themselves. The position of a QA-engineer is quite new on the Belarusian market and is... more
April 10, 2014

In 2012 our company organized the biggest international conference in Belarus – IT Spring conference. Its agenda stressed upon the topics we were interested ourselves in, as the representatives of software development industry – qualitative and applicable information, expert opinions and discussion of the relevant tools and disruptive issues. The following year conference was not an... more
April 4, 2014

You have just finished signing all of the necessary documents and specifications with your client regarding the upcoming project your company will develop. So it’s high time to start thinking about the development process itself and how to organize it effectively. This is where the choice of the right project management software plays a very important role. I think many of you have heard... more
April 1, 2014

Belarus is a prominent software development destination, homeland to thousands of bright IT minds occupied all over the world and a starting point to hundreds of startups and successful companies. According to High Tech Park, our companies have clients in more than 50 countries, where 45% clients are from USA and Canada, 30% from Europe and 20% from Russia and CIS countries. Yet, we are missing a... more
March 21, 2014

Happy Spring to all the ladies working at Oxagile! This year we've celebrated International Women's Day or Happy Spring Day, if you like, at our office with a gorgeous performance organized and acted by the top management of the company. The joy wouldn't be complete without traditional flowers, sweets and a glass of a sparkling wine! Here is a glance on this day through the eyes of our... more
March 7, 2014

Project managers and software engineers employ various methodologies to ensure that quality software products are created both effectively and efficiently, and additionally meet the end-user’s needs as best as possible within the allocated time frame, and budget parameters of the project. Project management allows software projects to be delivered on-time and on-budget. There are six... more
March 4, 2014

Our next episode of “software development team roles” series of posts continues introducing Oxagile team members. Our next guest is Alexander Zakashansky - Oxagile PHP developer. Blitz questions: 7 facts about yourself? Foreign languages - English, also I know couple of word in isiZulu; Dream -  To live till Mars colonization; Favorite food (meal) - Meat; ) Place to go (venue... more
February 26, 2014

Scrum Projects? No, Excellent Scrum Projects! Valuable Suggestions for Your Scrum Project Implementation If you were at least once involved in the scrum project management, you didn't but appreciate this approach: it contributes to the project through team’s mobility and quick adjustment to the situation, as well as speeds market entry and results in saleable product. Oxagile team, a... more
February 17, 2014

Every day millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Nowadays, business are turning to Twitter as to an effective way to reach out to people too. From local stores to big brands, and from brick and mortar to internet-based or service sector, people are finding great value in the connections they make with business on Twitter. Belarus software development... more
February 11, 2014

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