Professional legacy modernization services

Take the first step towards your digital transformation by bringing your systems and infrastructure up to speed. We offer comprehensive legacy application modernization services designed specifically around your challenges — whether it is vendor lock-in, snowballing IT costs or trapped data — to help you reach and sustain a competitive edge.

Reap the rewards of end-to-end legacy software modernization

Better performance

With today’s requirements to blazing-fast performance and operational efficiency, we will make sure your core legacy systems and applications are up to the challenge.

Outstanding scalability

Do not let scalability issues curb your growth. We can help you migrate your solution to the cloud or re-engineer it into a microservices-based architecture to improve flexibility and business agility.

Easier maintainability

Our seasoned software engineers will help you untangle dependencies and refactor your legacy code, enabling you to optimize your maintenance budget and free up funds for innovation.

Improved security

Our security experts will help you protect business-critical and customer information and keep your systems compliant with the latest security standards.

Reduced TCO

Move your legacy solutions to a new, more effective platform or technology to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership and avoid vendor lock-in.

Superior user experiences

Embrace the cutting-edge technologies to craft new digital experiences that drive user engagement through the roof while setting your business apart from the competition.

Leverage our legacy solution modernization offering

Modernization consulting

Our IT consultants closely collaborate with your stakeholders to assess your enterprise’s IT landscape and provide you with an actionable modernization strategy.

  • Comprehensive on-site IT audit
  • App portfolio rationalization
  • Technology and platform consulting
  • Extensive reporting and BI insights
  • Modernization roadmap

Software re-engineering

Tap into our hands-on development expertise to make the most out of your core business systems while reducing technical debt and improving efficiency.

  • Refactoring legacy codebase
  • Reverse engineering when source code is not available
  • Design and specification authoring
  • Rewriting system components
  • Re-architecturing and restructuring legacy monoliths into microservices

Legacy system migration

Whether you need to accommodate the ever-growing volume of data or move to a modern platform, our software engineers are here to make the migration process a breeze.

  • Legacy application replatforming
  • Relational to NoSQL database migration
  • Legacy solution migration to modern languages
  • Continuous SLA-based post-migration support

Cloud migration

Seamlessly migrate your business-critical solutions, applications and data into an agile IT environment to benefit from unlimited scalability, outstanding elasticity, and superior computing power.

  • Seamless migration to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more
  • Hybrid and multicloud environment
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud service models
  • Mainframe rehosting while keeping business logic intact

Seamless integrations

Ensure flexible connectivity within as well as outside your digital perimeter to help data smoothly transfer across your current and future systems.

  • Custom-built connectors and integration templates
  • Hassle-free API integrations
  • State-of-the-art ETL and ELT pipelines
  • Next-gen data warehouse platforms
  • Integration of third-party BI tools or custom analytics solutions

End-to-end quality assurance

Rely on our talented QA engineers to make sure even the most complex business logic of your modernized solution behaves exactly as intended.

Why Oxagile

Low-risk, high-value process

Modernizing your legacy assets doesn’t have to be a risky endeavour with our disciplined and predictable approach. Depending on your business goals, we match each application and system with the best suited modernization option to drive business value from the start.

Business continuity

In a fast-paced business world, operational downtime is simply unacceptable. We adopt an incremental modernization approach that embraces best DevOps practices to ensure continuous digital transformation with no disruption to your business.

Experts in innovations

With an in-house pool of R&D talent, we stay on top of emerging technologies to power digital revolutions across industries and domains. Tap into our battle-proven expertise in AI and computer vision, AR and VR, Internet of Things to create additional value for your users and win a greater market share.

  • The HanseCom team has been working closely with the Oxagile technical team for over 2 years and we have been nothing but amazed by their expertise and dedication. Technical implementation of new features for our customers here in Germany where constantly in time and budget, and feedback was always positive.

    We are happy we made the decision to work with Oxagile and plan to continue our partnership in the future.

    Sebastian Neil Hölken
    Chief Operating Officer, HanseCom