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Video and Live Streaming Software Development


Full-fledged Video-on-Demand service for a leading European telecom operator.

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Telecom Argentina

VoD service for a major Latin American telecom operator and Internet provider.

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A Complete Live TV Solution

An intuitive, easily deployable live TV solution designed to help pay TV operators and telcos gain a competitive edge.

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Live Streaming Smart TV App

An intuitive smart TV app that brings hassle-free video viewing capabilities (both live- and on-demand) to Samsung Tizen devices.

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Next-generation content mobility platform SDK for a variety of smart TVs.

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A full-blown live television system with advanced video asset management functionality.

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Custom Video Streaming & Video On Demand Solutions Development

Ever-expanding networks are advancing conventional TV experience providing new formats and frameworks for video delivery – IPTV, VoD, OTT & Smart TV. The emerging technologies already proved efficient and popular with the audience, bringing more profit while demanding less resources. Being at the industry mainstream, Oxagile contributes to the technological advancements by providing quality IP video software development services and delivering state-of-the-art solutions of impeccable performance and high productivity.

360 Video Services

360 video and virtual reality are all the rage in custom software development today. Use Oxagile’s experts in production, stitching, and streaming to build stunning, highly immersive 360 video and VR experiences.

Smart TV Software Development

TV may be lacking a bit of social air and Oxagile team is eager to solve the problem providing the Smart TV software development services with appealing social features. Today Social TV features are appealing goodies to conventional living-room TV experience.

VoD and OTT Software Development

Oxagile’s engineers are highly skilled in building custom VoD and OTT solutions. Tap into our talent-pool to create on-demand premium video content delivery systems, complete with multi-screen support, DRM, timeshifting, channel list and EPG functionality, and more.

Multi-Platform IP-Video Solutions

Oxagile knows the challenge of delivering video content to any screen providing just one IP video solution from a single platform, saving on the customers’ time and resources. With multi-screen video solutions built by Oxagile team you’ll reach all the segments of your audience.

Cloud IP-Video Deployments

Moving IP video servicing to the cloud allows our clients to cut infrastructure maintenance costs, improve the system performance and easily expand the scale of the provided servicing.

Enterprise & Corporate Video Streaming

Oxagile developers provide enterprise video streaming software services and build efficient corporate video channels for managers and employees. We help our clients establish connections among co-workers from different countries and contribute to the corporate unity and loyalty.

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We Build IP-Video Solutions for:

Cable Operators
Besides providing conventional TV packages, cable operators are firmly settling into IPTV and VoD domain, determined to increase the audience with a myriad of viewing options. Oxagile experts help cable operators compete with the wonder web, providing video on-demand streaming, live broadcasting and other opportunities.
Content Owners
A swift, quality and protected content distribution scheme will appeal to any content owner, regardless of its size and nature. No matter, whether it is a private content owner or a huge video servicing portal, Oxagile takes care of all of that and even more contributing to the coverage expansion and profits increase.
Oxagile team is the best choice for telecom moguls, interested in attracting new mobile subscribers as well as keeping the old ones. We will assist telecom companies to enrich user experience by implementing high quality live, recorded and on-demand video services.
Corporate Networks
Large corporate networks are usually suffering from the scale effect. Video streaming solutions implemented by Oxagile team contribute to the corporate communication, enhancing the enterprise collaboration and operational performance, and making interaction smooth and easy from any location.
With Internet TV broadcasters can benefit from shifting to more sophisticated content delivery schemes. The entertainment content becomes more targeted, advertisement options more subtle and efficient. Oxagile’s live streaming, OTT and VoD solutions will lead trusted broadcasting brands to the web.
Education Providers
Education providers are offered infinite possibilities with the emerging IP video technologies. Oxagile’s IP video software development mastery makes our company a most natural choice for education providers that are willing to amplify learning results with quality video streaming solutions.

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