February 4, 2010

Oxagile software development company makes maximum efforts to deliver software and services to the highest possible standards. Oxagile developers, business analysts and marketing analysts always strive to find the best way to optimize software development workload, budget and increase quality.

Oxagile professional Ajax developers implemented a collection of components – Agile Ajax Toolkit, which allows development of Ajax portals and Rich Internet Applications of any complexity, with highest quality and performance, and within the shortest timeframe and budget.

Agile Ajax Toolkit contains a collection of components, such as: Progress Bars, Combo Boxes, Grid Window, and so on, which were thoroughly tested to ensure excellent quality and performance.

With Agile Ajax Toolkit Oxagile company provides professional RIA development and Ajax programming services which include development of easy-to-customize Ajax portals, websites and any other Rich Internet Applications within the shortest time frame and with minimal cost. Oxagile RIA development and Ajax portal programming services also include free support and maintenance on all applications developed with Agile Ajax Toolkit.