June 20, 2013

The next week, June 25-27, Cobb Galleria in Atlanta will host WebRTC evangelists and leaders, WebRTC innovators and WebRTC practitioners, WebRTC developers and investors seeking to employ the new technology to discuss how the emerging standard will transform real-time communication landscape on the web, the opportunities and challenges it can bring about, and share the practical solutions to implement the technology into the existing and new web applications.

Oxagile Hands On WebRTC

Oxagile will become part of the WebRTC ecosystem event for these 3 days to share its ideas on WebRTC future, the company’s experience with this technology, and, in general, to exchange with the community of other passionate geeks its vision of the evolution and practical application of the new standard.

Video-streaming and RTC solutions is the area that has always been the driving force for Oxagile business. The company started from a large IPTV project for a major North American broadcaster, and since then Oxagile team has applied its video domain acumen, building a variety of web solutions with video communication as underlying functionality: from feature-rich video chats to multiscreen VoD stores.

Therefore, the advent of the WebRTC standard that allows plugin-free communication and makes browsers literally “talk to each other” couldn’t go unnoticed by Oxagile team. The company together with other WebRTC experts and visionaries is mining the opportunities of the Real Time Communication on the web and exploring the benefits of this technology both for our clients’ and our own business.

One of the Oxagile WebRTC ventures is a partnership with Influxis on the XirSys project. The solution offers NAT traversal options for WebRTC services with STUN/TURN server hosting, and provides production environment (WebRTC JavaScript framework and an API for video, audio and data channel connections) for beefing up WebRTC projects faster, almost at a turnkey-solution pace.

WebRTC Generates Steam

WebRTC, the standard that emerged in May 2011 after the Google’s acquisitions of On2 and later on GIPS companies and with Google’s initiative to standardize the browser-based communication that ensued that acquisition, is now gaining momentum and going forward at a steady gait. WebRTC events and the coming WebRTC Conference & Expo is a chance for those well on the WebRTC opportunities to discuss with those advocating for the standard and those already practicing it in their business what is on the WebRTC horizon. This year the event will revolve around Developer, Business, Enterprise, Game Changer and Mobile & Telco Tracks, and welcome both pioneers in WebRTC, leaders in online video realm, standard advocating teams and those making their first steps in the WebRTC space (TokBox, Ericsson, Google, Bistri, Oracle, Avaya are just a few names on the list).

Meet Oxagile at booth #36, we’ll be glad to discuss your WebRTC thoughts and video-related plans!