August 1, 2011

Oxagile turned 6 last month. Oxagilers decided to celebrate this occasion in a creative way and gave a test drive to their physical strength, courage and savvy on a training ground for rescue workers.

The entertainment included a series of challenging emergency simulations, where Oxagilers demonstrated how they apply quick wit not only in the office, while solving complex software development issues, but also in the field, giving a helping hand to people in an extreme setting.

Though Oxagile is a relatively young company, it has already conquerred major professional heights, and continues to perfect its skillset and deepen its knowledge.

Just over the past year Oxagile expanded its market reach to Scandinavian countries, in particular Sweden and Finland, and further built up its expertise in bespoke software and custom e-commerce development, multi-platform video solutions and Sitecore customization, and diversified its mobile development capabilities to tablet devices.

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